Samstag, 28. Februar 2009

Absolut einleuchtend

Genres Are For Weaklings
Video Rental | Pennsylvania, USA

Customer: “What movie just came out on video that’s like Lord of the Rings?”

Me: “I’m not sure, we haven’t gotten any big titles this week and definitely nothing that’s like Lord of the Rings…”

Customer: “Well, I saw a commercial that said, ‘Now available at your local *** Video’…and this is my local *** video.”

Me: “Hmmm, let me check with another manager.” (I call up to the office)

Me (to manager): “What came out this week besides Jeepers Creeper?”

Customer: “JEEPERS CREEPERS! That’s it!”

Me: “We have that, but it’s nothing like Lord of the Rings.”

Customer: “Yeah it has monsters in it, it’s like Lord of the Rings.” *customer walks away*

Another employee: “You should tell him to rent The English Patient too. It has talking in it, so it’s like Lord of the Rings.”


esme hat gesagt…

So wahr!

Wenn ich darf borg ich mir das mal aus und schicks an meine Kinokollegen.
Liebe Grüße,Esme

FrauKatz hat gesagt…

Klar, gerne. :-D